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Mary Kay Business - Grow Your Mary kay Business The Easy Way

Mary Kay Business - Grow Your Mary kay Business The Easy Way

By: Jawaune H. Saad | Jul 30, 2009 | 434 words | 571 views
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If you are a woman that has a passion for beauty and healthy looking skin that defies aging as you get older you could be a great candidate as a distributor in the Mary Kay business. This company has been around for 45 years and due to the quality of their products they have become a household name. Many people are completely unaware that Mary kay business is a network marketing company, yet they have never spent any money in advertising and they are more well known than retail priced competitive products. In this article I will be discussing how to enroll 3 reps a day into your Mary kay downline.

When you typically think of recruiting the Mary Kay business you may think of house parties filled with women with a complete line of make up and skin care kits. However my goal in all my articles is to show you how to grow your business as quickly and economically as possible. In this fast paced environment one simply just doesn’t have the time for such activities. There are many more useful techniques that can be streamlined without ever needing to leave your home.

You must master 3 marketing mediums when building a successful Mary Kay Empire. The telephone, the internet and the written word. Traditional techniques such as passing out business cards, holding house parties and making a list of your friends and family are considered slow and puts you in the position of selling. The difference between selling and marketing is marketing requires you to expose yourself to as many people as possible and giving a medium for the ones that are interested to get in contact with you. Selling on the other hand requires you to chase one single individual and spend days, sometimes months to convince them to buy.

As a successful marketer in your Mary kay business you could begin your campaign by first getting to know your targeted audience and your products and use techniques such as conference call lines to hold your presentations. You could couple this technique with a data capture site which gives away a free report. You could also use techniques such as buying product buyer leads and contacting prospects using a well written script. For example, you could purchase demographic lists of women who have purchased make up or skin care products in the past. I have published many videos specific buying and managing leads to help with this process. To discover more Mary Kay business building techniques and obtain a free report titled, “The Heavy Hitter Report to Adding 3 Reps A day” visit

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Jawaune Saad is a home based business consultant livint and Tampa, Fl and has helped thousands of people achieve their business dreams. To learn more about his training visit you can contact Jawaune saad at or by phone at 813-315-6575

Mary Kay Business - Grow Your Mary kay Business The Easy Way

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