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Traditional vs. Managed Care Health Insurance Plans

Traditional vs. Managed Care Health Insurance Plans

By: Allen Jesson | Jan 10, 2010 | 246 words | 1353 views
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Improvements on life and sickness insurance wouldn’t be possible without the emergence of new organizational frameworks for care system. Since the original health care reform dubbed as managed care model was introduced in North America, several countries have followed due to its apparent positive long-term effects in integrating medicine and health sectors for better care for patients.

As a result, health insurance providers are posed with the challenge whether to stick with what is traditionally offered or to keep up with the innovation in health care. But this requires no further probe since the general public are nowadays being offered with two options in what health care coverage to enrol to: traditional health insurance or managed care health insurance plans. Probably, the better question is which of these two is the best health insurance?

In traditional insurance, the patient has to pay the covered health expenses and reimbursed it later after preparing and submitting the documents necessary to have the request processed successfully. While in the second type, cost-effectiveness for diagnosis and treatment is highly emphasized. Attesting to it are its programs requiring pre-determined co-payment and eligibility of senior adults with limited income. Moreover, managed care insurance reinforces the need of constant monitoring of the performance of health care professionals.

Based on the facts presented above it seems that managed care insurance outstand the traditional. However, studies have shown that there is a divided opinion on whether the support it provides is indeed true to improving people’s quality of health.

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Traditional vs. Managed Care Health Insurance Plans

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